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Our company

Colorado Cultivars USA LLC is a commercial hemp company that sustainably grows and wholesales industrial hemp. We have industrial hemp farms around the state of Colorado and grew over 5,000 acres in 2019. Our “Hemp Sail Approved” farms and extract manufacturers are in Colorado, Kentucky, and Oregon. We have been a USDA organic hemp supplier of compliant USA hemp ingredients serving the nutraceutical industry since 2018.

We use organic farming practices and, in order to ensure the highest quality, domestically grown hemp products, we regularly test for purity and potency. In addition to raw hemp products, we offer a range of wholesale hemp products such as Hemp Hearts, Hemp Protein, Hemp Seed Oil, and cannabinoid (CBD,CBG,CBN) oil. You can find many of these products sold exclusively by international nutraceutical ingredient companies. Ask for Hemp Sail approved hemp products to ensure your CBD product is of the highest quality.

Organic Farming Practices

Organic Farming Practices

Purity & Potency Testing

Purity & Potency Testing

Regenerative Farming

Regenerative Farming

Our farms

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Our specially designed farming program incentivizes farmers to grow industrial hemp and provides them an opportunity to earn significantly more revenue per acre compared to growing conventional crops like wheat and corn.

We provide genetics, growing support, harvesting support, and marketing support to sell product. All of our farms use organic farming practices and comply with regulations established by the Colorado Department of Agriculture’s hemp pilot program.


Our research

Hemp has been known and used for centuries, however, the hemp industry in the U.S. and worldwide is in its infancy. We have partnered with Colorado State University as a research partner to perform studies that help companies and consumers better understand the potential of the hemp plant.

Current areas of research include but are not limited to:


Hemp food nutrition

Medical impacts of cannabinoid oil

Phytoremediation Hemp food nutrition Medical impacts of cannabinoid oil